Det sublima, typ, 665 minuter (2016)

Digital video, installation, 11:05:00 hours

This is an excerpt of 4 minutes.


"We had hundreds of requests beginning at 12 am February 1 and I´m sorry to say that we currently

do not have any availability for our 2016 visiting season. I have added you to our waitlist.

Sincerely, Kelllie Green"


In the remote desert of New Mexico is the land art work The Lightning Field by Walter De Maria situated. It consists of 400 lightning rods and are open to a few visitors during a period of the year. To visit the installation you need to sign up for a list of rules. You can not bring your camera or vehicle and you are staying at the installation site in a six bed cabin for 24 hours. The written reservation can be made to Dia Art Foundation from February 1 each year, and when I sent a request a week after it was to late.

Instead I stayed for a day, from sunrise to sunset, in the landscape near my home. I wonder what would happen at The Lightning Field that would not happen in my own surroundings? The time is passing by and the weather is changing.