Samtalet (2015)

Four channel sound installation, text

Installation view, Gallery Rotor2, Valand Academy, Gothenburg

On April 23, 2014 I mailed out an invitation to 20 culture politicians to use my studio as their office during the Spring Show at Valand Academy that took place May 23- June 2, 2014.

11 persons answered, 7 out of this 11 said yes. An 8th person asked to come after have read an article about the work in Göteborgsposten the day before the exhibition started. One person never showed up.

The purpose of using my studio as a culture political arena was to let politicians and artists meet at the artists territory and to open up for a discussion between them.

Each politician got 3 hours. The first hour me and the politican had a coffee together and spoke about why we chosen our professions, and I took the polician on a tour around the Spring Show. The last 2 hours the politician sat down in my studio, and visitors were welcome in for discussion. I was not present in the room during the discussions but they were recorded.

One year later the discussions were open to public at an exhibition at Valand Academy.