Föräldragården (2019)
English title: The Family Farm
Short documentary

Short synopsis: A daughter moves from the family farm as a nineteen year old. Twenty years later she returns to think about her future. A film about the choices in life, mortality and the ambivalence of leaving a place that represents both security and stagnation.

Director, producer and cinematographer: Kim Jansson
Editors: Kim Jansson and Clara Bodén
Sound design: Lars Wignell 
Colorist: Nikolai Waldman
Graphic design: Ronja Svenning Berge
Production company: Svartbjörn Produktion
Release: 2019
Length: 13:30 minutes
Language: Swedish
Subtitle: English
Sveriges Television AB/ Helena Ingelsten
With support from: Region Uppsala Kulturenheten - Film/ Louise Bown and Region Östergötland

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